Sunday, February 24, 2008


"The greatest reward is not what we recieve for our labor, but what we become by it." --John Ruskin

I just thought was something i have been learning and appreciate the truth behind it, cause really, what's the point of doing stuff, if we don't glean and learn from it? not much...if our perspective is scewed then of course, we may be mistaken and decieved, but if we are on the right path we'll know that it is the learning that is the reward, not the monetary reward. I like that.
I added this picture of us brushing our teeth, because it's a small thing to do to have healthy teeth, but day in and day out we create habits that in turn make us who we are and recently as i have been babysitting kids (these ones are my niece and nephews) I have thought how conistent parents have to be when it comes to kids and brushing teeth. If you do it daily, it becomes and habit and not a horrible trial that has to be fought with everyday. I think I've learned that in my 27 years that if we just work and do it the first time and keep doing it the first time, things cease to be burden and in turn teach us and make us better for having tried at all. Cool things I have learned by simply repeating things over and over again. I'll find the habit quote from Elder Ballard and add it sometime.

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